Jordan Ritter

Jordan Ritter Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Ritter is an accomplished software architect and technical entrepreneur. His pragmatic ethos combines with a unique breadth of engineering and management experience to produce both a capable leader and do-er. His passion for his work is a point of pride that motivates and inspires those around him to exceed themselves. As a co-founder of Napster, Cloudmark, and Servio, his collective expertise within a diverse range of software architectures has helped create some of the Internet's most well-known software.

Posts by Jordan
  • Dirty Hands Build Great Startups

    Dirty Hands Build Great Startups

    Originally posted on <re/code> on 8/10/15 “Its a tragedy of the first magnitude that millions of people have ceased to use their hands as hands. Nature has bestowed upon us this great gift which is our hands. If the craze for machinery methods continues, it is highly likely that a time will come when we shall […]

  • Culture, Capacity And Craftsmanship: How To Hire For A Startup

    Culture, Capacity And Craftsmanship: How To Hire For A Startup

    Originally posted on TechCrunch on 7/22/15 There’s a lot of glory and fun when you’re immersed in the startup experience. Building a team from scratch usually means that everything is fresh and unwritten. Joining a new venture to do something that’s never been done before is exhilarating. And having an impact on the mission of […]

  • Introducing Travis Murdock!

    Introducing Travis Murdock!

    I’m excited to welcome Travis Murdock as a Managing Principal, leading our marketing and PR efforts! Travis joins us from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he spent the last 8 years at Edelman, a global PR and marketing firm. His story with Ivy Softworks started long before, when he and I worked together at Cloudmark. Since […]

  • Introducing Mark Zbikowski!

    Introducing Mark Zbikowski!

    We’re continuing to build out our leadership team here at Ivy Softworks, and today I am absolutely giddy with excitement to announce that Mark Zbikowski has joined us as a Managing Principal!  Mark was originally introduced to us by Brian Valentine, as someone who is both a great technical leader and loves to get his […]

  • Introducing Matthew Holloway!

    Introducing Matthew Holloway!

    I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of the leadership team, Matthew Holloway. Matthew has led some of the top design teams across companies from Apple to SAP, most recently leading the User Experience and Product Design across all seven of Shutterfly’s brands. His talents for deeply understanding the user and ability to thoughtfully mentor […]

  • Introducing Brian Valentine!

    Introducing Brian Valentine!

    Today I’m announcing a significant addition to our leadership team - Brian Valentine! Originally a Unix & VMS programmer at Intel back in the 80s, Brian is probably best known in the software industry for building and leading some amazing teams across a truly remarkable number of products and platforms (Exchange, Windows XP & 2000, […]

  • Why We Do What We Do

    Why We Do What We Do

    Recently I came across some old nostalgic bits from one of my companies. One of those bits was an email I wrote to the entire company, following a particularly large website and product launch the night before. An incredible amount of time and effort had gone into making that launch successful, and succeed it did. […]