The Startup Attitude

As we’ve been growing out the team here at Ivy Softworks, I’ve been observing the traits of individuals who really thrive in startup environments. From what I have observed, the individuals that really grow and succeed at a startup share a common attitude. I’m going to call it the “Startup Attitude”.

The Startup Attitude is comprised of a few traits. The first is being able to accept the unknown. Your role may not be well defined, or you may be tasked with something you’ve never done before. The ability to accept that uncertainty and continue to press forward towards your goals is an absolutely essential ingredient for startup success.

The second part of the Startup Attitude is leaving your ego at the door. When building a company, everyone is responsible to contributing on tasks both big and small.  For example, our CEO installed our new flooring, hung our whiteboards, and put our desks together. In fact, our entire team from engineers to executives are responsible for taking care of our environment.

The third part of the Startup Attitude is relentless perseverance. Startups are hard. There are countless challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks for the team to overcome. It’s absolutely essential to the company’s success to have a team that accepts the challenges (and sometimes failures), are able to learn from them, and tackle the next day with the same warrior spirit.

We love meeting entrepreneurs, engineers, and rock stars, that have adopted the Startup Attitude. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I have the Startup Attitude” then we want to hear from you. Check out our current opportunities here: Careers.