Why I Chose to Join Ivy Softworks

We’re continuing to grow out the team here at Ivy Softworks, and meeting with a lot of talented engineers and entrepreneurs. When speaking with candidates, I often get asked why I decided to join the company. In an effort to stop repeating myself, I’ve committed my answer to this blog for future candidates to reference (Just kidding, of course you can still ask. I’ll probably just read this post to you anyway).

 The first thing that sold me about Ivy Softworks was the people. Ok, so there were only 4 employees at the time, but from the moment I met the team, I could instantly tell they were extremely passionate about the vision of Ivy Softworks. Jordan strongly believes in building a team that can not only execute on current goals, but also be a driving force in taking the company to new heights.  As a leader and founder of previous successful companies, Jordan understands what it takes to build a world class team.

The second thing that sold me on the company was the vision. Of course, I can’t say too much about what we’re doing (Annoying, I know. We’re still in stealth mode.), but I will say that we are re-imagining the way we interact with our computer everyday. I was instantly drawn by the creative approaches the team was taking to some very complex problems that plague all of us everyday.  Unfortunately, that’s all I can really say. Trust me though, it’s awesome.

The last thing that sold me on the company was the freedom that is given to employees to try new things. In a traditional setting, it’s common to have one product or problem that consumes all your time. At Ivy Softworks, we know all our team members have great ideas, and we give them time to prototype and vet them. If it’s a really great idea, we’ll give you the tools and resources to go build it. In addition to pursuing new ideas, constant learning, self-reflection, and growth is strongly encouraged.

If I’ve done my job right, you stopped reading this halfway through to check out the current opportunities we have available. If you’re still reading this though, here is my final thought. If you love the fast moving pace of a startup and want the opportunity to make a big impact, check out our career page. You will be glad you did.

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