Matthew Holloway Managing Principal

What I do at Ivy Softworks:

Everything in our world—aside from nature, was designed. And yet so much of that returns little in regards to its design value because no one ever asked two simple questions: “why?” and “what if?” I believe that if you are willing to invest resources in making something, you should make sure you do it worthily well, ensuring it is useful, usable and desirable. I apply that same philosophy in sourcing talent, prioritizing features, or discussing the emotions evoked by the details. At Ivy Softworks I lead the Customer Experience Team, guiding our design process, mentoring our designers and inspiring the engineers.

What I do outside of Ivy Softworks:

When I am not designing, you can find me either in my studio working on a painting or the metal shop working on a sculpture for Burning Man. I also volunteer with the Artery at Burning Man where I am able to use my experience to help other artists bring their work to life on the Playa. I also enjoy exploring and learning about old world wines, the different varietals, and traditional production methods, and of course pairing them with great food!

Posts by Matthew
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    Captivating Your Audience - A UX Wizard’s Perspective

    Differentiating your products in today’s highly competitive market is extremely difficult when there’s an app for everything. You need to create something that grabs the attention of the crowd, draws them in, and leaves them wanting more. These days it’s more important than ever to create experiences that engage the user’s emotional being.  I’ve dedicated […]