Mark Zbikowski

Mark Zbikowski Principal

What I do at Ivy Softworks:

Most people have the perception that writing software is somehow a solo activity: just the engineer and his computer. Writing software is an intensely human activity that not only requires deep technical talents, but collaboration, teamwork, and communication skills that must be developed and honed in order for the team to produce great products. Combining that with having an ability to focus on the details while remaining true to the larger architecture vision lets a team produce world-class products. At Ivy Softworks, I lead the research and development team, guiding our architectural vision, mentoring our engineers, and making sure that we produce the highest quality products possible.

What I do outside of Ivy Softworks:

During off-hours, you can find me with my fiancee and family exploring everything Puget Sound can offer: biking, hiking (being over 5000' is so satisfying), boating, cooking, etc. Hanging out with friends and loved ones rules the day.