John Quarto-vonTivadar

John Quarto-vonTivadar Data Psychic

What I do at Ivy Softworks

As a data scientist, I’m constantly intrigued and delighted to develop models for how people act, how to measure those actions, and how to improve the models. These models span recommendation systems, pattern mining, clustering and classifiers. I love the enormous size of the problems we’re undertaking and the rethinking in how people interact with their computers; each day is a delight of intriguing ideas and smart team-members.

What I do outside of Ivy Softworks

I’m a competitive swing dancer and travel frequently to competition events. I also dance two-step and tango. I dj at many swing events and host a regular social dance in the city playing a varied selection of classic Soul, R&B; and blues. During rainy winters, I like to play board games and to cook; and I use the term “foodie” as a euphemism for “I like to eat.”